Why hire a professional?
When you book with us, you are not getting a sub contracted worker. You are getting professional, talented, artists who know and study their craft.  Our company only works with the best artist in the area, we work together  as a team to provide the quality services for your event, while being supportive our local artists too! 
We use only FDA approved cosmetic grade, non toxic paints, glitters and adhesives that are meant for use on skin.  We have strict practices and guidelines that we follow as professional face painters to ensure safety, hygiene and tor provide an overall fantastic experience for everyone. 

What area do you cover? 
We generally cover the WNC & Upstate SC area. However we have traveled as far as Miami Florida. We love traveling, and will do so if feasible.  We simply add on travel costs. 
Which is $.50 per mile for areas 10 miles outside of downtown Asheville. 

What type of paints do you use?
We only use FDA approved, cosmetic grade face paints, that are specifically designed for use on skin.  There are several brands available, from Snazaroo, Wolfe, Ben Nye, Paradise, tag and a whole bunch depending on artist preference of usability. If you are interested in purchasing face paints, then I recommend www.facepaints.com. I purchase from them, as they have some of the best deals, and I also write weekly blog tutorials for their site as well. If you need help with ordering, or would like to take a class or schedule a lesson then please call us! We'd love to help. 

How does it come off?

Take some soap, warm water and a wash cloth and gently wipe away paint. Do not scrub or rub. This can cause irritation on sensitive skin. Most of the time this is all that is needed to remove.   Sometimes a little stain of paint might stay on, if this is the case, then  You can also simply apply lotion, leave on for 20 minutes, then gently wipe away

Are you looking for help? We are always open for others to join us. We are surely more busy in the summer. We need help with Modeling, Line Manager & Face Painters. Fill out this form to apply. We will contact you when we have openings available. For face painters we will happily work with experienced, talented artists, who are willing to purchase their own pallet of FDA approved paints and supplies, and be able to practice and produce the designs and service we offer.

Do you teach classes? Yes! we do organize classes, and offer one on one consultations. We always announce classes on facebook, and on the website. You call call us too. 

Can I use Acrylic, craft non toxic paints on skin? 

NO! this is a big no no no.  Just because it is labeled "non toxic" does not mean it is intended for use on skin. It's fine to use with a brush, and apply to objects. However putting it directly on the skin and leaving it on the skin to absorb and cover what's in the paint. That's the thing even craft paint, tempura paints just because they are labeled "non toxic" doesn't mean it is ok to apply directly to skin. 
Most 'non – toxic' acrylics have formaldehyde as a preservative. This is not bad in its correct application, even in terms of getting a bit on your hands and washing off. However 


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